A smarter YouTube converter.

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What is it?

AudioJack is a YouTube-to-MP3 converter that automatically finds and adds ID3 tags to downloaded MP3 files. What does this mean? With most YouTube converters, you give them a URL and they throw back an ugly MP3 file— no album art, no artist, no title.

Not with AudioJack. AudioJack detects the song you are downloading and automatically adds album art and related info. With AudioJack, beautiful MP3s are a click away! So go ahead and give it a try; you won't regret it!

Get it

To get AudioJack up and running, consult this step-by-step guide.

AudioJack-GUI in action

AudioJack-GUI in action


  1. Run AudioJack. Step 0
  2. Paste a YouTube or SoundCloud URL in the search box and click on "Go!" Step 1
  3. Wait for about 10 seconds as the program loads. Step 2
  4. A grid of song titles, artists, and albums will appear. Step 3
  5. Click on the metadata you wish to add to your downloaded MP3 file, or if none of them are correct, fill out the "Custom tags" form. Step 4
  6. Voilà! The MP3 file will be in your Downloads directory. Step 5